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2015-16 Campaign Goal:



The mission of the United Way of Dickinson is: “United, we improve people's lives.”

The vision of the United Way of Dickinson is: “United Way will improve quality of life through a collaborative effort, by mobilizing the necessary resources.”

The mission of the United Way of Dickinson is based on inherent values, accepted by the members of the organization as the core of its existence. These values or belief statements, guide this plan and the activities of the United Way of Dickinson.


The United Way of Dickinson believes…

·   in and cares about meeting the needs of the community.
·   we can create awareness about community strengths and needs.
·   by centralizing resources, we are better able to serve community agencies.
·   we make a difference in the community.
·   we have the ability to significantly change people's lives.


The first community to formally adopt  the name "United Way" was Los Angeles, CA in 1963. The organization in Dickinson was originated in 1961 under the name "United Fund of Dickinson". The United Fund was organized for the purpose of uniting and conducting a single campaign to raise the necessary resources to meet the financial needs of the Dickinson community. The first campaign goal was set at $9,750.00.

Nationwide, the United Way name was made official in 1970, and the United Fund of Dickinson officially reorganized and became the United Way of Dickinson in 1972.


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